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Antioch Urban Growers

Location and Contact Info

2727 NE 44th St, Kansas City, MO

Contact Person: Mark Samborski
Email: MarkSamborski123@gmail.com
Phone: 816-699-4953

Features and Activities


More On This Farm

Antioch Urban Growers has reclaimed an abandoned garden center to be a thriving ecosystem of food production, education, and community. On more than 10 acres of land featuring native permaculture, 12,000 square feet of greenhouses, raised beds, aquaponics, goats, chickens, fish and bees, the knowledgeable folks who created Antioch Urban Growers are striving to promote sustainable living in North Kansas City’s urban communities. Sitting a stone's throw away from Interstate 35, Antioch Urban Growers is seen by one hundred thousand northland commuters each day. They want to encourage the neighborhood to grow, compost and recycle through public speaking, training, and children's activities.

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