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Grown in Ivanhoe: The Ivanhoe Children's Garden & Scouts Sprouts, Ivanhoe Demonstration Garden, and The Toni & Zora Memory Garden

Location and Contact Info

3700 Woodland, Kansas City, MO

Contact Person: Yoland Young
Email: YYoung@incthrives.org
Phone: 816-921-6611 ext. 203

Features and Activities



Saturday | continuous | Live cooking demonstrations

More On This Farm

Grown in Ivanhoe is a grassroots community initiative that aims to empower residents of the Ivanhoe community of Kansas City, Missouri to grow healthy fruits and vegetables. Grown in Ivanhoe combines education and resources for growers as well as coordinating community garden locations, facilitating a network of residents selling foods through farm stands, and running a farmers' market. The Ivanhoe Children's Garden and Scouts Sprouts consists seven raised beds in which Ivanhoe youth are learning to grow. The Ivanhoe Boys and Cubs Scouts are involved from the beginning and they are taught, not just about the benefits of good, healthy food, but they are encouraged to share the information with their friends, families and neighbors. The Ivanhoe Demonstration Garden continues to serves this urban-core neighborhood by demonstrating fruit and vegetable production on an old vacant lot. The plots have been adopted out by residents of the neighborhood. Growers are growing for market, community and for families. The Toni & Zora Memory Garden is a unique hybrid of a rain garden that also provides culturally relevant produce, cutting flowers for to be sold at market and utilized as neighborhood beautification, herbs and pollinators.

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