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Bonnie View KC

Location and Contact Info

9903 Grandview Rd, Kansas City, MO

Contact Person: Steve and Justine Nienhiser
Email: bonnieviewfarmkc@outlook.com
Phone: 816-797-4464

Features and Activities



Saturday and Sunday, continuous| produce, frozen pastured meat, and farm fresh eggs available for sale
Saturday and Sunday, continuous| children’s area for baby goat petting

More On This Farm

This 47-acre farm, which sits close to 3 Trails Crossing, was first established while the area was still "country" around 1920. Originally a dairy farm, it now appears in old maps as "Bonnie View." The old dairy burned down years ago and most of the land sat vacant for many years. Steve and Justine saw this “piece of the country in the city” as the perfect spot to raise and grow high quality, accessible, true GMO-free foods, and in 2015 they were able to purchase the land to begin farming pasture-raised poultry and livestock. Because their farm is located in a neighborhood of South Kansas City, it has remained protected from the possible contamination of fields and fields of GMO corn and soybeans and many of the pesticides and herbicides used on them.

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