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Nile Valley Aquaponics

Location and Contact Info

29th and Wabash, Kansas City, MO

Contact Person: Dre Taylor
Phone: 816-382-2489

Features and Activities



Saturday and Sunday | continuous | aquaponics fish and vegetables for sale

More On This Farm

Dre Taylor's dream is to raise 100,000 pounds of food in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri. Nile Valley Aquaponics is Kansas City's first commercial aquaponics greenhouse. This greenhouse features three trenches which will hold a total of 75,000 gallons for raising fish, with vegetables being grown in multi-tier system above. They are also developing an integrated insect breeding system to feed the fish. The project means a lot to this community blighted by crime, lack of economic opportunity and limited access to healthy, quality food. Once complete this spring, Nile Valley Aquaponics will provide access to free food to the community in addition to selling food to support the project and create job opportunities.

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