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Pink Pony Farms

Location and Contact Info

1009 Chestnut Ave, Kansas City, MO

Contact Person: Jessica Logsdon
Email: artservicesgroup@gmail.com
Phone: 816-326-8851

Features and Activities



Saturday| 10am-5pm | Introducing Essential Oils Workshop
Sunday | Noon-5pm | Introducing Essential Oils Workshop

More On This Farm

Pink Pony Farms is a high-density native fruit forest modeled after the "Pleasure Gardens" of antiquity. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Aronia berries, Elderberries, Concorde grapes, Lemon Balm, Sage, Garlic and herbs to our customers at the Northeast Farmers' Market. We have thriving honeybees and some of the friendliest ducks and chickens you will ever meet. We have a large hugelkultur with a shallow swale that is home to several bumblebee hives. Our mission is to try to make every square inch of land productive in some way. We also distill essential oils on location and provide demonstrations of the process. We are sellers at our local Northeast Farmers Market, and we work to engage the community with our food and flowers. We also believe that our fruit forest has invigorated other growers in our area and we are now surrounded by people taking an active interest in growing food / getting rid of the lawn mower in exchange for food and flower landscapes. As a result of our lessons learned (both with the Tour and our participation in the Northeast Farmers' Market) we have adapted our growing strategy to include a lot more vegetables. Farming in the urban core is contagious and it seems our neighbors are catching the fever!

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