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The Sion Garden

Location and Contact Info

3823 Locust St, Kansas City, MO

Contact Person: Nicole Routh
Email: NRouth@ndsion.edu
Phone: 816-753-3810

Features and Activities


More On This Farm

The Sion Garden is one of the largest and most successful schoolyard gardens in the K.C. metro. It is located on the campus of Notre Dame de Sion lower school.  The garden features 24 raised beds and 20 fruit trees, which provide fresh, organic ingredients for our Future Foodies school lunch program. Students from Montessori through 8th grade are directly involved in all stages of the farm to table process, including plant selection, planting, weeding, and harvesting.  Sion kids honor their school colors by growing purple varieties of carrots, kale, peppers, and more.  Several beds are also designated for perennials and plants that support all stages of the butterfly's life cycle. The garden's unique design and plethora of butterfly friendly plants provide aesthetic beauty and inspiration for nearby residents. Parents, teachers, and students within the Sion community collaborate in all aspects of cultivation and garden maintenance, gathering every Saturday to work and enjoy the harvest.

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